Rustic Hardware Brings Character to any Room

rustic hardware

Rustic hardware is like good crown molding. It is a subtle addition that may go unnoticed- until it doesn’t. It brings depth and weight to a space; it has a way of really tying a room’s aesthetic together. The craftsmanship of rustic hardware exudes a feeling of vintage authenticity. If you close your eyes while grasping that iron door handle, you might just imagine yourself opening the door to an old medieval tavern. Its dark, rusted colors emanate warmth in a way that chrome tones simply cannot match.

Traditional rustic pieces come in forms such as copper knobs in spherical or pyramid shapes, twisted bar knobs, and iron hanging pull handles. The metal usually has a hammered texture, as classically that is how it would have been wrought. The pieces commonly have a back plate, with scroll-like patterns or leaf designs. Antique hardware will likely be made of iron or brass.

It is an easy look to accomplish. Rustic hardware is not uncommon, nor very difficult to find if you know where to look. If you have the patience to scour a flea market, you might find some antique, hammered iron pieces to incorporate into your room, though they could come at a price. Vintage retailers also have large selections of hardware inventory you can browse via online marketplace if that meets your convenience. Again, you can expect to spend more on pieces that are handmade and authentic, but they certainly make beautiful accents. If keeping to a budget is a priority, many stores carry similarly designed alternatives that are easy on the wallet and look close enough to the real deal. Finishes today can be found in iron, pewter, copper, rusted, steel, and zinc- though these are usually of lesser quality. Crafty DIYers have often found pieces they like and spray painted them. You could take a zinc piece, paint it black and add a matte finish to resemble iron, for example. A little bit of faux never hurt anyone.

There are old sayings about having too much of a good thing, you know, like “less is more”. That runs true for most things in interior decorating, rustic hardware included. For those living in small spaces especially, it only takes a few too many pieces of the same theme to start feeling overwhelmed. Hardware is meant to accentuate and act in aesthetic support of larger furnishings. The boldness of its style should be exploited in moderation.

Keeping that in mind, rustic hardware can easily be incorporated into any room and bring old-world charm. Hammered copper drawer pulls would look great in a farm-style kitchen. A brass towel bar and matching drawer pulls would bring earthiness to any bathroom. A living room with an iron curtain rod, hook-shaped jacket hangers, and a sliding barn door with iron trimmings would collectively feel vintage and hearty. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to integrating rustic hardware into your home and each of them would supply your space with personality and character.

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