Personal Install vs. Professional Hire

professional hire

If you know that a barn door will be the perfect addition to your home, but do not know if it is more efficient to install it yourself or bring in a professional, let us weigh out both sides. This will help you get a clearer idea of what each scenario would entail and ultimately make the best choice for your needs.

Installing a barn door yourself is by no means impossible. The project will probably go smoothly if you have had some past experience with power tools, hardware, and overall heavier projects. If you are taking on the DIY challenge, try to grab reinforcement from a partner- could you imagine trying to lift and settle the door onto its track by yourself? Research your needed materials carefully to make sure installation day goes efficiently and prevent any unexpected runs to the hardware store. Self-installation will essentially consist of attaching the wheels to the track hangers followed by the hangers to the wheels, mounting the flat bar track to your wall, and lastly adjoining the door by setting its newly attached wheels in place on the track.

Hiring a professional, comparatively, will cost you less time, but more money. Average quotes for sliding door installation range from two to three hundred dollars. If you want your handyman to build your door as well, you can expect the rate to go up. Do not forget to consider the cost of materials in addition to their services. A professional could likely get this job done in less than a day. If time is of the essence, bringing in an expert could be your best bet.

Installing the door will be a multiperson job; just to hang the tracks alone will take at least two people. If you are not accustomed to larger DIY projects or do not have a strong pair of hands to help you, it might be more efficient, and much less stressful, to spend some extra cash on professionals to get the job done. Opting for professional install should not feel like a cop out. You can still have decorative authority over your project and be involved start to finish. You may even be able to pick up tips from your hired hands that could be useful for future projects. Trying to throw yourself into a project you simply do not have the time for might leave you feeling defeated and discouraged for future DIY endeavors. This project will take some dedication, and could be a lot to take on if you are already someone with too many places to go, people to see, and things to do. Being realistic about your resources will guarantee you get the project results you want. With that being said, do not be afraid to take on this challenge! It is completely doable. Recycling a vintage door rather than building one is an easy way to save time and a little help from a friend will save you from overexerting. Whichever method you choose to employ, be it total DIY or calling in for professional backup, in just a few short days you could easily have a new sliding barn door system incorporated into your home.

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