How to Install a Flat Track Barn Door System

flat track door installation

Installing a flat track barn door system is much less intimidating than it may sound. There are many approaches to this project and they will vary from person to person. Some like to build their own doors from scratch, while others like to salvage vintage doors. Either way, installing the track system is fairly straightforward. We’ll walk you through the essentials of the process.


First you will need to acquire the necessary hardware. There are a few ways to go about doing this. You can opt for a prepared track set, which will be available at most home improvement retailers though they can often be pricey. These sets will likely come with guided instructions catered to its contents that can guide you through the installation.


Another option is to order the individual pieces of hardware separately. This allows you more creative freedom and is less restrictive on your budget because it gives you the ability to comprise your own set of hardware from various brands. If you are looking to put this project together yourself from beginning to end, you’ll start by measuring your space and gathering your tools and hardware. Here is what you will need: a flat bar track that is double the width of your doorframe with an additional few inches for comfortable sliding space in length with a width measuring 1 ¾ inch and a thickness of roughly ¼ inch, two wheels-these will usually be about 3 ½ inches and come in a variety of materials, nuts and bolts to attach the wheels to the flat bar and the flat bar to the wall, and flat bar hangers- these should measure 12 inches each and have an offset bend at one end. You can use materials with these measurements or use them as a reference point for accommodating materials that are more sizably suited to your space.


Begin by bolting the wheels to the flat bar hangers at their offset end. The hanger should have a nut securing it to the bolt on both sides. Follow by attaching the hanger to the door. You will have to arrange the hangers into their desired placement, drill holes into the door in accordance with the hangers bolt holes, and then secure the hanger in place. Next you will mount the flat bar track to the wall. It is recommended that you put a header board in place for the track to be mounted on, unless your door already has one. It provides for additional security in holding the track in place. The header board can be a common 2 x 4 panel of plywood painted to match your wall color. Use a stud finder to locate the studs within your wall and mark them. You will want to drill your header into the studs. Once you have drilled the header board above the doorframe, the track can be mounted. Using spacers and lag bolts, attach your track to the header and, once it is steady, settle the door onto the track by the grooves of the wheels and voila!

This is the most simplistic approach to installing a sliding flat bar track system into your home. It requires minimal hardware and can be accomplished in just a few easy steps!

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