Why Choose a Barn Door over a Traditional Door

traditional door

Sliding barn doors have become a more popular choice among interior designers and home-owning DIYers alike. Those keen on vintage aesthetic and those looking to generate space both look to the barn door as a purposeful alternative, but the door has many more benefits than what meets the eye.

There is an element of simplicity to the sliding barn door that brings a minimalistic, yet characterful presence to a room. Unlike the uninspiring monotony of a traditional door, a barn door is a statement piece in and of itself. The simplicity of the interior barn door lies in that it is repurposing commonly seen materials in a new way. By altering how or where they were intended to function, they seem to take on new life entirely. What was once only thought of as the shutter to an outdoor shelter now is used interiorly to reveal an intimate dining room. The aesthetic of a barn door can be crafted to meet any schematic. Along with the traditional wooden option, inventive designers have innovated sliding doors made from large panes of glass or covered their doors in chalkboard paint. The sliding door system paves the way for endless creative opportunities.

The most noticeable difference a sliding barn door brings to a room, besides aesthetic, is space. Traditional doors have a swing radius that limits a room’s potential. You might have to reconsider where to put that new side table because it could block the door from opening completely. Barn doors, in comparison, don’t project into the room. They simply slide open and shut leaving your space as much utilizable area as possible. Where they do take up space, though, is on your wall. There will need to be the dimensions of the existing door port plus an additional few inches of available wall space for the door to slide completely open. Save space in the kitchen by removing the traditional pantry door and replace with a sliding door; you will instantly have more room for cooking and entertaining!

A barn door hangs over the wall port; it does not actually latch into anything, so it could leave gaps at its extremities. If privacy is important for the room in question, this could leave you reconsidering a sliding door system. Do not let this discourage you! If you choose a heavy door, with an extra few inches of width to sufficiently cover your doorframe, you should be left with no cause for concern.

Barn doors prove to be more advantageous than traditional hinged doors on a multitude of levels. They inspire visual ingenuity, serve as a resourceful solution to special restrictions, and are easily maneuverable. Along with all of the aforementioned benefits, incorporating a barn door into could also prove profitable. The more popular the installment style becomes, the more attractive it becomes to potential homebuyers. A sliding barn door could turn out to be an important investment when it comes down to adding value to your home. With all this to gain, choosing a barn door should be an easy decision.

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